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    Advent Devotional Day One November 28, 2021

    God Nods
    Psalm 65:8

    Funny, isn’t it? How the God of eternity keeps trying to connect with humanity? God wants to be in a relationship with us, but we have difficulty accepting signs of God’s presence and provision.

    The Egyptians would not believe the signs. The Israelites despised God and all the signs God sent (Numbers 14:11). The folks who heard about signs from Jeremiah and Daniel floundered in unfaithfulness.

    Sure, it would be amazing to witness angels, a babe in a manger, or see water turned into wine! I simply need to “lift up mine eyes” from my phone or TV to see signs – the God nods – pointing me to Christ and his covenant community:

    The hymn my soul is singing before I wake up; the birds that face east, heralding the dawn; the coincidental conversation with a stranger who “happens” to affirm my call; or the softening of hearts when there is no chance of common ground.

    God, there is undeniable holiness in the Advent season. As we turn our attention toward what you are doing, help us make room for Jesus in our hearts. Help us shift busy-ness into blessedness and weariness into welcome. Thank you for sending us sacred signs pointing us to Your Son. Amen.
    Katy Brugraber — Chambersburg, PA